What are some reasons why I should continue living?

Answer by Kunal Dhir:

Let's suppose there is a person called Skyler, and she has got only 24 hours to live. Now, most people in this situation would do certain things such as meet their dear ones, make love, eat their favorite dishes, go to a religious place or whatever. But Skyler instead decides to not waste time and goes to a park and points a gun to her head. Suddenly, a child appears before her. The child does not understand what's happening here.

Without giving a second thought, Skyler pulls the trigger and blows her brain out. The child still doesn't know what has happened, but the child is crying, maybe due to the sound or maybe looking at the blood spilled all over the place. The child may not understand what happened, but the child will never forget it.

Skyler was like that child once. Once she was unaware of the "ways of the world". Once she required no reason to live, because it never occurred to her that you need any reason to continue living. But then something might have happened in her life, that she decided to end her life, that could be a medical condition, a failure, a heartbreak or it could be anything.  

While growing up, no one teaches us reasons to live, all they teach us is "How to live?". Maybe, because no one has decoded this mystery yet or no one is sure of their reasons.

If I have to give you a personal reason to continue living, I have got two, arrogance and food. I am too arrogant to admit that there are failures and disappointments in my life, though others say there have been many including deaths, academic and relationship failures. But I don't want to admit it, because I am too busy enjoying different cuisines of the world.

Mate, there is no reason to continue living, but that is not what living is supposed to be.  Living is all about remembering your childhood innocence and telling life in its face "to go f*** yourself". (Like a boss.)

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