5 reasons why I am a rapist

5 reasons why I am a rapist


1. My Childhood


All my childhood I have seen my sisters being thrashed by men in my family. Whenever my brothers felt like hitting them, they never thought twice. I never protested, in fact I was encouraged to do so as my father use to beat my mother and my sisters. My mother would tell my sisters that this is their fate and they have to live with it. Once I saw one of brother raping a girl, I did not do anything. This was my first lesson.


2. My Friends

Eve teasing have always been the favorite time pass among my friends. Learning from our elder brothers we would follow the girls in rush areas. I saw my friend touching a girl’s butt and the girl did not do anything. In fact she got scared and ran away. The next day I did the same and it felt good. This was my second lesson.


3. Sex Education

I could never understand the concept of sex education. For me there is nothing to learn about sex because I already know enough. Once there was a proposal in our society as well as in my school that there should be a platform to teach people about sex education. But both my school and our society rejected the proposal. I was disappointed as my friends and myself were quite excited to see the naked women involved in teaching sex education. This could have been my third lesson.


4. My Society


“Jugaad” the word we Indians are so proud of, has been the single most important factor in making me a rapist. I never feared the law, neither the police, simply because I never feared the society. I could see my father in the police constable, I could see my uncle in the Judge and I could see my friends in the administration. The blame game after incidents always helped me. When I see officials blaming their juniors and vice-versa, I would laugh at them. We were all raping the system, this was my first lesson of a gang rape.


5. The Victims


They never dared, they were helpless and this makes me more powerful. Their weakness fuels my urge to rape them. The more they look vulnerable the more I feel like hurting them. It took me a little time to understand the reason for their weakness. I’ll give you an example, whenever one of my friends would rape a girl, her parents would either marry her to my friend or someone else or would not tell anyone, either way they would stick to silence. Even if the girl or the family try to protest, no one would really care. People live in a bubble, they think that though rape is a reality but it only happens to others. What’s more funny is the solution that people give to stop rape like for e.g. returning to home before night and not wearing “revealing” clothes. As if this will stop us. From the moment when a girl is born we are told that she is unwanted and you expect me to not to grow up as a rapist. Funny isn’t it?